Our Doctors' Schedules

Cardiology (Puso)

Lim, Dondi:   (No Physical Clinic yet) Available on Telemedicine only. Number: 0997-300-8655

Pesebre, Raymund:   DMAC Bldg. Room 409. Tuesday & Friday – 3pm-5pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0923-394-0701

Rioveros, Cherlamir:   ALTA Bldg. Room A3. Tuesday & Wednesday – 9am-11am. Face-to-face clinic by appointment only. Number: 0908-897-7395

Tandoc, Erdulfo Jr.:  DMAC Bldg. Room 403. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. 10am-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0933-817-2165

Cundangan, Melissa: DMAC Bldg. Room 408. Monday – 10am-12nn. Friday – 9am-11am. By appointment. Number: 0917-307-5162

✓ Gatus, Patricia Marie: DMAC Bldg. Room 406. Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday – 2pm-5pm. Number: 0920-569-4720 / 0965-088-7433

 Cardiology and Vascular Medicine

Mendoza, Maria. Leonora: DMAC Bldg. Room 415. Wed & Sat – 1pm-3pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0999-183-4423 / 0915-072-4462

Veroy, Lester: DMAC Bldg. Room 415. Wednesday – 11am-1pm. Accept walk-in. Number: 0927-088-4775 / 0915-072-4462

Dermatology (Balat)

Perez, Rosario Divina: DMAC Bldg. Room 304. Monday, Wednesday, Friday,  & Saturday – 10am-2pm. Mostly by appointment. *Teleconsults based on patient load. Number: 0945-387-5428 

Ear-Nose-Throat – Head & Neck Surgery

Villanueva, Jose Carlo: DMAC Bldg. Room 305. Monday-Saturday *except Tuesday* – 9am-3pm. Accepts walk-in. FB Page: Carlo R. Villanueva, MD ENT, https://seriousmd.com/doc/carlovillanueva-ent Number: 0908-814-9956

Ancheta-Prestes, Janice: DMAC Bldg. Room 417. Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday – 1pm-4pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0921-447-8077

Gatchalian, Cherry: DMAC Bldg. Room 405. Tuesday & Thursday – 2pm-4pm. Saturday – 10am-12nn. By appointment only. Number: 0932-890-7960


Adriano, Cheryl Grace: DMAC Bldg. Room 418. Wednesday – 1pm-4pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0991-741-8793

Gungon, Ma. Concepcion: DMAC Bldg. Room 310. Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday – 10am-2pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0922-579-9030

Tugna, Sheryl: DMAC Bldg. Room 409. Monday & Friday – 7:30am-12nn. Accepts walk-in if urgent. Number: 0923-222-8195

Gastroenterology (Tiyan/Bituka)

Chua, Ferdinand: DMAC Bldg. Room 421. Monday-Saturday – 8am-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0917-816-7000

Rodriguez, William: DMAC Bldg. Room 414. Tuesday – 3pm-5pm. Thursday & Saturday – 10am-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0997-300-8655

Roque, Jason: DMAC Bldg. Room 403. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday – 3pm-5pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0931-128-5534

Torres, Lloyd: DMAC Bldg. Room 422. Monday – 1pm-4pm. Tuesday
& Friday – 9am-11am. Wednesday – 2pm-3pm. A
ccepts walk-in. Number: 0965-322-1066

Gastroenterology (Liver Specialist)

Tripon, Edhel Santiago: ALTA Bldg. Room A7. Monday & Tuesday – 2pm (Face-to-Face). Wednesday – 2pm (Viber). By appointment. Number: 0931-016-2392

General Surgery (Pag-oopera)

Reyes, Deogracias Alberto Gascon: DMAC Bldg. Room 312. Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday – 1pm-3pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0925-466-2767

General, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Quitiquit, Paul: (Wellness) – Saturday. By appointment only. Number: 0998-585-9972

Infectious Disease Specialist

Retuerma, Grace:   DMAC Bldg. Room 404. Friday – 10am-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0961-777-6676

Demetria, Jr., Elpidio: DMAC Bldg. Room 408. Friday – 1pm-4pm *Accepts walk-in. Saturday *By appointment only. Number: 0932-181-7415

Internal Medicine

Batoon, Alexander:  Holding clinic at their residence. By appointment only. Number: 0977-464-3137 / 0920-960-7421

Fariñas, Aileen Abigail: ALTA Bldg. Room A7. Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday – 10am-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0968-683-7083

Fariñas, Alberto: ALTA Bldg. Room A7. Monday  10am-12nn By appointment. Number: 0968-683-7083

Uy, Rodolfo: DMAC Bldg. Room 310. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am-3pm, Saturday -9am-12nm. By appointment only. Number: 0943-357-2053

Cruz, Philip Raymond: DMAC Bldg. Room 408. Monday – 3pm-5pm. Wednesday – 3pm-4pm. Saturday & Sunday – 1pm-3pm Number: 0917-307-5162

Internal Medicine – Diabetology

  Santiago, Ma. Rosario: ALTA Bldg. Room A3. Tuesday – 2pm – 5pm. Thursday – 10am-2pm, By appointment only. Number: 0997-647-1011 

Nephrology (Atay/Kidney/Dialysis) 

Hidalgo, Ritchel: DMAC Bldg. Room 407. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday – 8am-10am. Number: 0961-641-5936 / 0977-764-8531

Rioveros, Angelito: ALTA Bldg. Room A3. Wednesday & Friday – 2pm-4pm. Face-to-face clinic by appointment only. Number: 0922-494-1478

Siute, Rachell Ann: DMAC Bldg. Room 422. Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday – 3pm-6pm. By appointment. Number: 0965-322-1066

Laquindanum, Serah Kae: DMAC Bldg. Room 309. Tuesday -9am-12nn. Number: 0936-126-0670

Neurosurgery (Opera sa Utak/Nerves)

Lizan, Abigail: DMAC Bldg. Room 415. Monday & Friday – 9am-12nn. Thursday – 1pm-3pm. By appointment only. Number: 0927-046-8071

Miguel, Edgardo:  DMAC Bldg. Room 418. Tuesday – 10am-12nn. Saturday – 10am-2pm. Accept walk-in. Number: 0991-685-8488

Soberon, Bryan: DMAC Bldg. Room 408. Wednesday – 4pm-6pm. By appointment only. Number: 0917-800-7620

Neurology (Pedia)

Martinez, Teresita: Telemed only. FB Page: Teresita L. Martinez, MD

Pascual, Madelyn: DMAC Bldg. Room 310. Saturday – 9am-12nn. Accepts walk-in if urgent. Number: 0950-067-3789 & 0916-826-2098

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics

Ho-Jao, Bernice Louise: DMAC Bldg. Room 310. Tuesday – 8am-5pm. By appointment only. Number: 0949-042-3485

Neurology (Utak/Nerves)

Lao, Ronnie Cua: Telemed Only (for old patients) Number: 0977-231-0365

San Diego, Mari Fay: Telemed only. Number: 0960-694-0464

Tiongson, Gwenn: DMAC Bldg. Room 416. Tuesday & Thursday – 8am-12nn. By appointment only. Number:0917-320-7416, FB Messenger: Gwenn Tiongson


Borgonia, Jerica Miah: DMAC Bldg. Room 412. Wednesday & Friday – 1pm-4pm. Sunday – 9am-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0922-870-9283

Farne, Ana Joy Miranda: DMAC Bldg. Room 309. Monday, Tuesday, & Friday – 2pm-5pm. Thursday – 9am-12nn. Saturday – 1pm-4pm. Accepts walk in. Number:  0936-126-0670

Velasco, Sarah Cajusay:   DMAC Bldg. Room 412 Monday & Wednesday 9am-12nn, accept walk-in. Number: 0955-615-1668

Villanueva, Pura Corazon:   DMAC Bldg. Room 305 Saturday 9am-12nn, by appointment only. Website: https://seriousmd.com/doc/pvillanueva1

OB-Gyne Lactation Specialist

  Villanueva, Bianca Katrina:   DMAC Bldg. Room 305 Tuesday 9am-12nn, Saturday 1pm-2:30pm, by appointment only, Online Clinic: Saturday 9am-11am. FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/biancavillanueva.obgyn/

OB-Gyne Perinatology

Buenafe, Portia:   DMAC Bldg. Room 415. Tuesday & Thursday – 9am-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: (044) 794-4744 local 451

OB-Gyne Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

Casurao-Trono, Amity: DMAC Bldg. Room 416. Wednesday – 7am-9am. By appointment only. FB Page: https://seriousmd.com/doc/acasurao-trono

España, Muriel: DMAC Bldg. Room 310. Monday & Thursday – 2pm-5pm. Saturday – 5pm-7pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0943-357-2053

OB-Gyne Sonology

Bautista, Glendell: DMAC Bldg. Room 402. Monday,  Friday, & Saturday – 9am-12nn. Wednesday – 11am-2pm. Accepts walk-in. Number: (044) 794-4744 local 451 or 0919-096-8221

Benedicto, Maria P. Patricia: DMAC Bldg. Room 412 Tuesday 2pm-5pm, Thursday & Saturday 1pm-5pm, accept walk-in. Number: 0921-249-9510

Oncology (Cancer)

  Acob, Roselle:   DMAC Bldg. Room 422 Monday & Friday 4-6pm Saturday 3-6PM Accepts walk-in. Number: 0906-314-5040 / 0965-322-1066

Bolinas, Roberto Jr.:   DMAC Bldg. Room 404 Monday & Wednesday 8am-12nn, accept walk-in, Friday by appointment. Number: 0961-777-6676

Lava, Ana Lea:   DMAC Bldg. Room 402 Monday & Friday 3pm-6pm, by appointment only. Number: 0919-096-8221

Ophthalmology (Mata)

De Leon, Anna Marie Joy Joselyn Santos:   DMAC Bldg. Room 411 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9am-12nn, accept walk-in. Number: 0917-248-2840 / 0949-150-5115

Tripon, Jaime Rafael Hubilla:   ALTA Bldg. Room A7 Friday 3pm-5pm, accept walk-in. Number: 0931-016-2392 

Ong, Bennet Go:   ALTA Bldg. Room A406 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-12 By Appt. Number: 0920-5694720 (SMS only)

Orthopedic Surgery (Buto/Kasu-kasuan)

De Jesus, Daverick: (Temporarily on leave. Face-to-face clinic to resume until further notice. Available for online consultation – message first on his Facebook page for appointment: Orthopedic Surgery – Dr. Daverick T. De Jesus, DPBO, FPOA, FPWCS). DMAC Bldg. Room 422 Monday 9am-12nn & Friday 12nn-2pm, Number: 0965-322-1066

Jose, Ma. Lilia Monina: DMAC Bldg. Room 412 Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12nn, accept walk-in. Number: 09169113400

Paulino, Hubert: DMAC Bldg. Room 402 Monday, Wednesday 11am-3pm & Friday 1pm-4pm, accept walk-in. Number: 0919-096-8221

Paz, Jovito: DMAC Bldg. Room 409 Saturday 9am-2pm, by appointment only. Number: 0923-394-0701

Velasco, Moreen: DMAC Bldg. Room 402 Tuesday 1pm-3pm, Thursday & Saturday 10am-2pm, accept walk-in. Number: 0919-096-8221

Pediatrics (Pambata)

Benedicto, Ma. Paula Aleta: DMAC Bldg. Room 309. Saturday 2pm-4pm, Accepts walk-in. Number: 0936-126-0670

Hao, Belinda: DMAC Bldg. Room 419. Monday – 9am onwards. Wednesday – Afternoon. Friday – 9am-12nn. Saturday – 9am onwards. By appointment, but can accept walk in if with available slots. Face-to-face consultation and vaccinations. 09227413948. FB Page: Belinda Hao MD.

Perez, Erica Guintivano: The Haven – Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, by appointment only. Number: 0928-994-7878

Pediatric Allergology & Immunology

Reyes, Maria Ruth Santos: DMAC Bldg. Room 309 Wednesday & Saturday 10am-12nn, accept walk-in. Number: O9361260670

Pediatric and Interventional Cardiology

Reganion, Juan Gempis: DMAC Bldg. Room 309 Wednesday & Friday 7am-9am, by appointment only. Number: O9691381012 

De Guzman, Maricel Janice: DMAC. Room 310 Monday and Friday 12-4pm, Wednesday 12-3pm Accept walk in, Number: 0943-3572053

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Non, John: DMAC Bldg. Room 417 Monday & Wednesday 3pm-5pm, accept walk-in. Number: 0921-447-8077

Pediatric Pulmonology

 Jimenez, Jonijohn Raymundo:  ALTA Bldg. Room A3. ONLINE CONSULTATION: Monday & Friday – 10 AM – 12 NN. Tuesday & Thursday- 6 PM – 8 PM. FACE TO FACE: Saturday – 10 AM – 12 NN. By appointment only. Number: 0995-186-5395

Pediatric Nephrology

✓  Chang-Arellano, Irish: DMAC Bldg. Room 310 Tuesday & Saturday 1pm-4pm. Number: 0943-357-2053

Psychiatry (Adult)

✓  De Castro, Diana: DMAC Bldg. Room 409 Tuesday 12nn-2pm & Thursday 1pm-3pm, by appointment only. Number: 0917-894-6665

✓  Francisco, Jr., Felipe: DMAC Bldg. Room 403 Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12nn, Saturday 3pm-5pm, Accept walk in

✓  Martinez, Teresita:  Telemed only. FB Page: Teresita L. Martinez, MD

Psychiatry & Dementia

✓  Catindig, Joseree Ann: Telemed Only. Number: 0932-411-4258


✓  Cruz, Mary Ann: DMAC Bldg. Room 402 Tuesday & Saturday 9am-12nn, by appointment only. Number: 0919-096-8221

✓  Egargo, Jesus: DMAC Bldg. Room 407 Monday to Friday 1pm-4pm, by appointment only. Number: 0939-503-6043

✓  Flaviano, Rommel: DMAC Bldg. Room 404 Monday, Thursday & Friday 2pm-5pm . Number: 0961-777-6676

✓  Manalaysay, Fredireck: DMAC Bldg. Room 414 Thursday & Saturday 8-10 AM. Number: 0997-300-8655

 Radiation Oncology

✓ Fortu, Irish Ivan: DMAC Bldg. Room 310 Wednesday 4pm-6pm, accept walk-in. Number: 0947-770-8092

Rehabilitation Medicine (Physical Therapy)

✓ Fermo, Paul Angelo: Rehab Clinic – Saturday – 9am-12nn. Accept walk-in. Number: 0919-060-4779


✓ Flora, Angelito: ALTA Bldg. Room A406 Friday 2-5pm Saturday 9-12nn. Accepts walk-in. Number: 0920-569-4720 / 0977-764-8531

Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

✓  Lajom, Cristina Marie: DMAC Bldg. Room 310 Wednesday 9am-12nn. Accept walk-in. Number: 0922-579-9030

Urology (Pantog/Prostate/Pag-ihi)

✓ Barba, Randolph Joseph Ang: DMAC Bldg. Room 404 Saturday 9am-11am. Accept walk-in. Number: 0961-777-6676

✓ Bautista, Macwain Mencidor: DMAC Bldg. Room 403 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. 1pm-3pm, accept walk-in. Number: 0931-128-5534

✓ Gatchalian, Glenn Tuazon: DMAC Bldg. Room 405 Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12nn. Accept walk in If with available slots. Number: 0932-890-7960

✓ Roxas, Luzcielo Manalaysay: DMAC Bldg. Room 414 Monday, Wednesday 10am-12nn & Friday 1pm-3pm. Accept walk-in. Number: 0997-300-8655 

✓ Depaynos, Terrence Clyde: DMAC Bldg. Room 309 Wednesday 2pm-4pm & Saturday 10am-12nn. Accept walk-in. Number: 0923-102-4618

 Vascular Surgery, Sonography and Wound Care

✓  Zapanta, Kristina Marie:   DMAC Bldg. Room 416 Monday 12NN-4pm, Friday 1pm-3pm Accept walk in. Number: 0917-320-7416

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