New X-Ray Machine

In the diagnosis and management of disease, especially in complicated, oncologic and acute surgical cases, the value of readily available, fast and accurate imaging procedures is vital. The best clinicians are at their peak performance when aided by the finest diagnostic tools. Here at Sacred Heart Hospital of Malolos, we strive to make available to you the best tools  available for your imaging needs. 

 X-ray and ultrasound services are available. Seeking to raise the bar for diagnostic imaging in Bulacan, SHHM has a 64-slice CT scan machine ready to serve you. 

What advantage does a higher end machine provide?

  • Multiple images per single pass
  • Faster scanning time, enhanced patient comfort
  • Higher resolution scans
  • Non invasive angiographic procedures

Exams previously unavailable in the area can now be done at Sacred Heart Hospital of Malolos:

  • Dynamic Liver Study 
  • Non-invasive Coronary Angiogram
  • Non-invasive Cerebral Angiogram 
  • CT-guided procedures (biopsy, abscess drainage etc)
  • Cardiology studies (calcium scoring) 
  • Virtual colonoscopy 
  • Virtual bronchoscopy

Interventional Radiology

The Department of Radiology also now offers Invasive Radiology services, allowing imaging modalities to aid in procedures such as biopsy, percutaneous drainage and the like.