Lifestyle and Wellness

Good health is the foundation of an individual’s overall functioning, productivity and longevity. The key is periodic screening which allows the opportunity to catch problems, weather minute or substantial while still simple and manageable. It is never too early nor too late to start looking more closely into one’s health status and issues. The Sacred Heart Hospital of Malolos Lifestyle and Wellness Center is your partner in your journey to better health. It is dedicated to giving its patients a holistic preventive evaluation of their health. Programs are designed for specific age groups to pick up early signs of disease and monitor existing medical conditions.

  • Essentials package (ideally for ages 19 to 39)
  • Executive package (ideally for ages 40 to 59)
  • Prime package (ideally for ages 60 and above) 
  • Diabetic package 
  • Renal package
  • Liver Panel package
Our team of medical specialists evaluate each patient individually, obtaining their medical history, conducting a comprehensive physical examination, reviewing any symptoms that may be present to guide in the prudent selection of appropriate tests from our executive check up programs.