64 - Slice Scan

Bringing to Malolos, state of the art technology unrivaled in the area

In the diagnosis and management of disease especially in trauma and surgical cases, the value of readily-available, fast and accurate imaging procedures is vital. The best clinicians are at the peak performance when aided by the finest diagnostic tools. Here at Sacred Heart Hospital,we strive to make available to you and your doctor, the best tools for your imaging needs. Seeking to raise the bar for diagnostic imaging in Bulacan, Sacred Heart Hospital now has a brand new 64-slice CT Scan machine ready to serve you.

Utilizing multiple detectors instead of one, multiple facets of an image is captured with single revolution of the CT Scanner instead of the traditional method of a single image per revolution. This translates to shorter scanning time, lesser artifacts and high resolution images.

Our advance CT Scan also captures thinner “slices” of images, resulting in more accurate diagnostic ability. Small lesions otherwise missed by thicker CT scan cuts are visualized with thinner cuts.

CT scan of the following

Head – Brain, Orbits, Paranasal Sinuses/FESS. Petrous Temporal, Mastoids, Nasophyarynx, 


Neck – Neck, Larynx

Spine – Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbosacral (with multi-planar reconstruction)

Chest and Mediastium, HRCT

Abdomen – Upper and Lower Abdomen/ Pelvis

Extremities – Upper and Lower

Special studies previously only available at tertiary centers can now be done at Sacred Heart Hospital

Dynamic Liver Study

Non-invasive imaging of otherwise invasive procedures




Virtual Colonoscopy


Cardiac Imaging

            Calcium Scoring

            Coronary CT Angiography

            Functional Study

CT Brain Perfusion

Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual Bronchoscopy


Dental CT

Myelography CT

CT-Guided Biopsy

CT-Guided Radiation Therapy Planning

CT-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation

3D Imaging

Dynamic Study




Intracranial, Kidneys, Femoral, Pulmonary and Abdominal/Thoracic Aorta

Low Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer

Emphysema Study

Lung Nodule Assessment