The Sacred Heart Hospital Department of Pediatrics is composed of some of the area’s most compassionate, caring and competent pediatricians. With the best experience in general pediatrics and strong ties with pediatric subspecialties, your little ones are assured of excellent care. Our roster of general pediatricians work in concert with our specialists in the fields of Pulmonology, Critical Care, Neurology, Hematology and Oncology to provide holistic care for our patients according to their needs. Aside from their medical needs we go the extra mile to ensure that at most emotional and psychological care are given to your loved ones from birth up to 18 years of age.  


Here are some of the services provided by our pediatricians:

  • Pediatric prenatal visit
  • Breastfeeding coaching
  • Preventive health care and vaccination
  • Unang yakap/ non-separation (between mother and child upon delivery)
  • Newborn care upon delivery
  • Outpatient care
  • Well baby
  • Newborn screening and hearing test