The Sacred Heart Hospital of Malolos Department of Surgery seeks to uplift the level of surgical care in the region.  The staff is composed of safe and competent surgeons who are leaders in the specialization locally and nationally.

The Department is composed of General; Laparoscopic; Head and Neck; Urologic; Orthopedic; Plastic; Peripheral Vascular and Neurosurgeons trained in the leading institutions in the country and abroad.

Constantly striving to complement skill with capacity, the Department of Surgery works closely with hospital decision makers to provide our consultants with the best possible operating rooms, instruments and associated equipment for the highest level of surgical care required by our patients.

The Department practices the interdisciplinary team approach as indicated to optimize specific competencies of all diagnostic, medical, allied-medical and surgical fields to provide our patients with a comprehensive and compassionate care cognizant of the material resources required to do so.