Emergency Room

Open 24 hours

Emergency unit handles severe, even life-threatening medical situations (visual of four beds), such as heart attacks, strokes, loss of consciousness, severe dizziness, severe accidents, severe fractures and the like.

Entrance is on Cristina Street, Guinhawa Subdivision. From McArthur Highway, turn right beside Jollibee just before the Malolos Crossing Flyover, then turn right again at the first corner (Cristina Street) (show visual of entrance)

Emergency Unit has 9 treatment beds, including

Isolation bed in a separate room, for patients with communicative conditions.This is in an enclosed space with an anteroom. Air flow from the Isolation unit to the rest of the Emergency Room is minimized by multiple fans pulling air in and by removing the air outside the building after filtering through an advanced HEP filter than scrubs the air of bacteria and viruses.

 5 general purpose emergent care beds (visual of 4 beds)

 1 bed for observation of a pregnant patient (visual of NSD bed)

 1 minor surgery bed in its own separately air-conditioned room (Visual of room)

 1 bed for patients needing ECG heartbeat monitoring (visual of bed and ECG)

 The Unit is equipped with digital patient monitors, each with its own defibrillator for helping revive patients whose hearts have stopped. Defibrillators are equipped with pads to avoid burning patient’s skin. 

The Unit is also equipped with a Vein Finder to help doctors more easily insert IV lines to help revive patients

 The Unit is staffed by doctors, assisted by Registered Nurses and clerks

 Patients can be referred to our Imaging units for quick X-ray and CT Scan readings, our laboratory for quick tests

 An ambulance is also available for the transport of patients, fully equipped with oxygen, patient monitor and defibrillator, staffed with at least a nurse and orderly, and when required a doctor as well.