72 Inpatient Beds

In two buildings, we offer a total of 67 beds in a wide range of rooms, including large, new Suites and Regular single-bed rooms in a wide range of sizes


  • An Isolation Room is available for patients with potentially communicative conditions. This includes an anteroom for preparation of nurses and family members about to visit the confined patient.
  • Five Nurses Stations serve our patient rooms to ensure sufficient nursing care
  • Our nursing staff levels achieve a patient to nurse ratio as follows, mostly better than the minimum DOH standard
    • 2 patients per Nurse in Intensive Care
    • 8 to 10 patients per Nurse in wards other than Intensive Care
  • When required for patient care, most rooms, except the smallest rooms, can also be equipped with patient monitors, oxygen tanks, respirators, infusion pumps and other equipment.
  • Rooms offer a range of amenities
    • Suites and several Regular rooms have TV/cable
    • All Suites have refrigerators while many Suites have hot showers
    • All rooms have telephones and are air-conditioned
    • Two rooms are shared occupancy rooms with two patients each for patients on a more restricted budget